When your images come off your camera, and onto your computer, they need some editing to make them really shine. But editing can take a ton of time, and it can be tough to figure out what adjustments to make to enhance your photos. Learning how to use editing programs can be intimidating—they’re packed with features, but what do they all actually do to your images?

Super Photo Editing Skills is a downloadable video tutorial that teaches you how to bring the best out of your images, using Adobe Lightroom 4.

Not only will you gain confidence in your processing skills, and learn to get creative with your edits—you’ll also be able to create an efficient workflow. That means you can spend less time on the computer, and more time out shooting!

How Editing Improves Your Photos

Having a solid skill set in photo editing makes an enormous difference in your work. You’ll be enhancing your color images, creating stuning black and whites, and easily correcting tricky shots. Note: These examples are covered in the tutorial, so this is the exact stuff you’ll be learning!

What’s Included In Super Photo Editing Skills:

  • QUICK START VIDEOS - The Quick Start videos take you through all the essential features of Lightroom in only one evening, so you can get right down to editing your own photos! They are broken up into quick little shots of knowledge, so you can choose a topic, and learn even during your coffee break. Need a refresher? It’s easy to get back to the information you need.
  • ADVANCED VIDEOS - The Advanced section teaches you how to use even more features of Lightroom to make your editing better and faster.
  • BONUS VIDEOS - The Bonus videos will teach you fun tips and tricks that help you get both creative and organized with Lightroom.
  • PHOTO EDITING FIELD GUIDE - A PDF resource that makes it easy for you to find important information. Includes topics like workflow tips to help you save time, which presets to create for yourself, and areas to practice to improve your skills.

Also Included:

  • EDITING STYLE GUIDE - The Editing Style Guide walks you through the elements of editing style. Analyze the examples, determine what you prefer, and get closer to creating your own unique style.
  • SUPER COLOR PRESETS AND SUPER BLACK & WHITE PRESETS - Included are a variety of top notch colour, black and white, sepia and duotone presets, designed for you to reverse engineer. You’ll see exactly how the effects are created so you can easily create your own presets to fit your unique style.
  • ESSENTIAL LIGHTROOM SHORTCUTS CHEATSHEET - A convenient one page document that gives you quick access to all the essential Lightroom shortcuts. Learning to use shortcuts will help you edit your photos at warp speed.
  • EXAMPLE FILES - Included are all of the files used in the videos, so you can practice and improve your skills.

Wanna See Just How Easy and Powerful Lightroom Is?

Lightroom 4 Photo Editing Video Tutorials at an Affordable Price!

Super Photo Editing Skills is a digital ZIP file that contains a set of videos, and PDF field guides. After purchase, you will be given a link to instantly download the tutorial, and start learning how to bring the best out of your photos today! It’s available now for only $79.95 USD!

This eBook & Video Tutorial can be found here: Super Photo Editing Skills