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Below are some testimonials from past clients who are happy for us to share their success stories and very kind feedback.
“I absolutely love your wedding eBook! Love your conversational approach with very little jargon. Definitely got me engaged without a single yawn. Keep up the awesome work, I have learnt so much from you!” Robbie Muyargas
“For twenty years, I’ve longed to shoot creatively but have been too timid to move away from the automatic settings on my camera. In just one afternoon with the Extremely Essential Camera Skills tutorial, I gained the knowledge and confidence to do just that. Now, I’m happily shooting in Manual mode, making creative and stylistic choices I never thought possible.”Jocelyn Your
“If there is only one book you buy to build your skills as a photographer, then Wayne Radford’s ebook is the only book you buy. Thank you Wayne for reminding us about all the basics never to be forgotten”Melissa Mielekamp
“I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your techniques. I was very inspired so i created a photo of my own using one of your tutorials and it was chosen as one of the best photos for this week on The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) website!”Aren Chou